Unboxing Intuos 5 Touch (Wireless)

When I received a mail from Wacom inviting me to test run and review the newly released Intuos 5 Touch, I was elated because I have already heard raving news about it. 2 days ago I got my set and eagerly “unbox” it. The package consists of a tablet (digitized pad) that can be plugged to the USB port of the computer and a Stylus (digital pen) that works with the tablet in tandem. It also comes with an optional RF add-on or the Wireless Accessory Kit that could make the tablet wireless, so you could work without the hassle of cluttering your working table top with too many wires, or glued to your work desk.

For anyone who is new to the product, the tablet is a pressure sensitive device that could detect how much pressure is translated to it via the pen as you draw or write with it. It works very well with applications like Photoshop and Painter. As you apply more or less pressure, the result is a variation of thickness of your pen or brush strokes, or more or less paint as you draw and paint in these application. Therefore you have more control over your work as compared to using a mouse. For any aspiring digital artist, a tablet is a must.

I have been using a tablet since the Intuos 2, so that was about 10 years ago. I bought for myself a 12″ X 12″ Blue then but found it too big later. Then I got a used Intuos 2 6X8 (Silver Grey) which was pretty nifty to use with my MacBook. When I upgraded to an 24″ LCD screen, I bought a Intuos 3 to go with it just for the Screen-Tablet ratio. Through these, I see the change in the design of the tablet. The latest release, like the 4, has a sleek, black but matted surface, yet soft to the touch. It looks contemporary. When you plug it in, the work area lighted up on the tablet surface. Its show 4 small corner light indications, so if you are always working in the dark, these show you where your tablet working area is. In addition, the stylus now delivers 2048 levels of pressure. I was excited to test this out because I do draw and ink with the stylus pen a lot. The increase in the sensitivity would allow me to work more intuitively, at the same time delivering a more realistic stroke result with less effort.

I will be testing the tablet and showing the outcome here for the next few days while I still have it. So stay tune.

Visiting dad at the hospital…

A Patient in Ward 63

I have been visiting my dad at the hospital everyday since last Sun when I came back from my holiday trip. Yesterday evening he looked much better, especially after we combed his hair and helped him shave. I believe he is getting better and I looked forward to the day he would be discharged. But that would mean another challenge of how to get him back to the regular life routine again. We are definitely getting an extra hand to help him around the house since my parents are staying on their own. And certainly to ease my mom from the house chores and taking care of my dad. There are many things to think about, but I am quite positive about things getting better in the days to come for the Lord is with us.

Anyway here’s a sketch of a frail looking elderly man resting on his bed in the hospital ward. When he later called out to the nurse, I realized he is not that frail after all. Sketch done with Hero on brown paper, painted with Photoshop.

Blog got hack again

Not sure why but my blog has been hacked and tampered with several times in a row this week. When I accessed my blog this morning, I received a error message that said something like parse error on line 18 of my index.php. Downloading and opening up the file revealed a string of illegible gibberish. Without further delay I replaced it with my backup. It works. I followed up my changing my directory password for my hosting account and so forth. Since I am a very low-tech guy, that’s about all I can do. If such thing occurs again, I will be darned.

Anyway here’s a new self portrait drawn as Vincent van Gogh my fav artist after he cut off his ear.
Me as Vincent van Gogh

Work in Progress

Showing here 2 WIPs as part of the daily draw and sketch exercise. Both characters came to mind when I was minding my own business on the great white throne this morning so I couldn’t wait. It’s part of a painting and character design practice. You know, we artists have to sharpen our skills all the time, any spare time we can find in our hands.

Close Up WIP

Close Up WIP

Baboon human with a strange hair

Baboon human with a strange hair

Old Red Riding Hood

Old Red Riding Hood